Together we can make a real difference to animal welfare in WA

For over 130 years, RSPCA WA has worked tirelessly to reduce animal cruelty. We have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed animals of many kinds and given them a second chance at life. We have educated the community and lobbied the Government to promote animal welfare and prevent cruelty. However, with the number of WA animals needing our support and care growing each year, we need the generosity of animal lovers who choose to make a difference to be able to continue our work.

The money raised for Million Paws Walk is used to help animals all over Western Australia, including:

  • keeping animal welfare inspectors on the road throughout WA to rescue animals from cruelty and neglect.
  • providing shelter, love and care for animals recovering from cruelty, neglect or abuse.
  • rehabilitating animals to overcome behaviour challenges because of their ordeals.
  • giving rescued animals the best chance to find a permanent loving home and a new life!

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